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Phung Van Hai,, was born in 1984. He studied at Hanoi Open University-Faculty of Tourism from 2002 to 2007.

Hanoi Open University is regarded to be one of the best Universities to study tourism in Vietnam.

Hai has a burning passion for motorcycle adventure. Upon graduating from University in 2007, he applied for jobs within many motorcycle tour companies for the experience, adventure, and discovery of new destinations.

This experience has placed him in high regard by his peers, as being one of the most knowledgeable motorcycle tour guides in Vietnam.

Riding throughout Vietnam, Hai finds his country both beautiful and charming. He loves to introduce this beauty to others from around the world, especially the remote areas of the highland that showcases spectacular mountains, challenging roads, and traditional customs of various ethnic groups. The most simple, but also most effective way to discover this beauty, is to travel via a motorcycle, and that is how We Ride Vietnam Tours was born.

So why don’t you come and join us. We will explore anywhere you wish to ensure you get the best experience of Vietnam.

I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:

Phone: +84 (4) 625 94197
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Cell phone: +84 (0)1689 475 688
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Why ride with us?

Do you want to travel to Vietnam for a motorcycle tour but you are having difficulty choosing a reputable company to book with? Having an experienced motorcycle guide to trust and guide you throughout your adventure is extremely important in Vietnam.

Below are the reasons you should book with us and let us show you the real beauty of Vietnam, while you relax and just enjoy the experience.

Our Innovation: Over the years, We Ride Vietnam is always improving. We never stop searching for new experiences, destinations, roads, and new regions in order to create a unique travel option for our clients. We pride ourselves on being different to other tour groups, always striving to bring new and real experiences to you.

Our Guides: All our guides are Vietnamese people who were born and have grown up in Vietnam. We speak fluent English and are competent riders who are able to give you the best experience about the history, culture, customs and habits of Vietnamese people. Over several years we have gained extensive knowledge of hundreds of tracks, trails, and back roads throughout Vietnam. Moreover our guides also act as your mechanic, translator, mentor, problem solver and party organizer.

Our Service: Once on tour we cover all costs except for alcohol, so you don’t need to spend any money on the road. We want you to just relax and enjoy the experience of riding with us whether it be a small or large group.

We will take you to the most remote places where you will see no sign of other tourists. We are confident we will satisfy your ride, your sightseeing and your passion.

Our Equipment: Don’t worry about riding equipment. We will provide you with all necessary things to protect and keep you comfortable whilst on tour. We have the best quality helmets, jackets, saddle bags, ponchos and waterproof bags.

Our Tailor-Made Itineraries: If you have ridden in Vietnam many times and wish to come back and want to experience a special or different itinerary, then we are able to accommodate you. The options featured on our web site are just a sample of what we have to offer. All of our tours can be fully customized to meet your needs and desires. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about custom tours.

Our Tours Are Private: Personalized tours or custom tours will often be a little more expensive than scheduled or “join in” group tours. These tours however, will be more flexible, private, and exclusive to only you, your family and friends. Let your individual wishes drive you holiday, rather than those of a group.

Our Promise Of Safety: Safety is paramount, not only for our clients but also for our tour guide. We require that all of our clients have adequate medical and travel insurance before participating in our tour programs. In the event of an accident, our motorcycle guides are all trained in first aid.

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We Ride Vietnam is a custom motorcycle tour company whose focus is on original experiences in Vietnam and Laos. 
We are ready to show you the best of Vietnam with the most modern fleet of bikes including new Honda XR150cc and more powerful Honda CRF 250cc for the serious adventure rider, and a collection of classic Minsk 125 motorcycles, to take you to the remote places in Vietnam and Laos. 
Join us for an unforgettable adventure on our Vietnam motorbike tours.

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Why Travel With Us

Do you want to travel to Vietnam for a motorcycle tour but you are having difficulty choosing a reputable company to book with? Having an experienced motorcycle guide to trust and guide you throughout your adventure is extremely important in Vietnam.

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